Lecture (Brown University): “This young man deserves special mention”

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“This young man deserves special mention:” John Wesley Gilbert at Brown University, 1886-1888

John W.I. Lee (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Thursday, November 8, 2018 5:30 pm

Rhode Island Hall, 108

Dr. John W.I. Lee is an Associate Professor at the UCSB Department of History. He studies the history of ancient West Asia with a focus on war and culture in the Greek and Achaemenid world from ca. 650-330 BC. He is currently writing two books: one about Civil War and Revolt in Achaemenid Persia; and another about John Wesley Gilbert (1863-1923), the first African American to attend the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the first African American to receive an advanced degree from Brown (Class of 1888).

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